Where would each mayoral candidate put a high-speed rail station?

With the Mayorathon right around the corner (September 29th, RSVP here), now's a good time to dig into the candidates' responses to transit-related issues—if you haven't already.

For example, we asked each of them where they think a high-speed rail station should live. Here are their first choices:

Main Street Station Boulevard Broad Street
Jon Baliles 🚅
Jack Berry 🚅
Bobby June 🚅
Joe Morrissey 🚅
Michelle Mosby 🚅
Levar Stoney 🚅
Bruce Tyler 🚅
Lawrence Williams 🚅

We also asked about the next phase of BRT, the Richmond Transit Network Plan, how they'd work with their partners in the counties to create a truly regional transit system, and how'd they fund that system. Their answers are interesting and provide a glimpse at how they'd approach transit as the next mayor of Richmond.

Go forth, read the responses, and then RSVP for Mayorathon!

Photo by: Ron Cogswell