Map highlighting major transit corridors in the regionally approved Greater RVA Transit Vision Plan (PDF)


Our mission

Advocacy for frequent and far-reaching transit in the Richmond region.

Our vision

Transit provides opportunities for residents and visitors to thrive in the Richmond region. 

What we believe

RVA Rapid Transit believes that regional public transportation is key to creating a thriving and inter-connected region where citizens can access greater opportunities like employment, workforce development, commerce, higher education, nutritious food, routine health care, and much more. A high-quality regional transit system is not only crucial to increasing human capital; it is key to attracting economic development and investment opportunities, a talented workforce, and is associated with increased property values. RVA Rapid Transit educates, organizes, and advocates for additional investment in a high-quality, frequent, and far-reaching regional public transportation system. 

For additional information on RVA Rapid Transit, please see our GiveRichmond profile page