This week in transit: Join the diverse, metro-wide call for a regional transit system

Our Civic Statement of Support, through its broad set of signatories, is intended to express a diverse, metro-wide call for the kind of transit system that will improve equality of access, quality of life, environmental care, and economic prosperity for all throughout the metro area.

We know that linking the Richmond region together with a public transportation system would significantly increase people’s access to employment, commerce, higher education, nutritious food, and routine health care. It would enhance quality of life for all—including those seeking to maintain freedom of mobility as they age. And, as demonstrated in other metro areas, good regional transit would also attract young talent, increase property values, and spur robust investment and economic development while helping to sustain the environment.

So, what are you waiting for? Sign our Civic Statement of Support today (there's a Clergy Statement of Support, too)! Once you do, you'll be in great company—check out just a few of our signatories:

  • Virginia Commonwealth University
  • Better Housing Coalition
  • Science Musuem of Virginia
  • Shalom Farms
  • Virginia Museum of Fine Arts
  • Boaz & Ruth
  • The League of Women Voters of the Richmond Metropolitan Area
  • Maymont Civic League
  • Second Presbyterian Church
  • Storefront for Community Design
  • Richmond Forward


The Mayorathon is just a few weeks away (September 29th), and this is your regularly scheduled reminder that you should RSVP right away, and dig into all of their responses. Certainly get at those transit-related responses, but don't stop there! Take a gander at the other ones too—you'll learn a lot.

How do we get Richmond's transit data added to the National Transit Map?


Advocates in Detroit are encouraging voters to approve a property tax increase to fund their really sweet-looking $4.6 billion regional transit plan (PDF). Lots of encouraging stuff coming out of that city—things we can learn from as we keep pushing for a really sweet system of our own!

While Detroit may be a couple of steps ahead of Richmond, read this piece on Birmingham and try not feel like they're following in our footsteps. Randomly, Birmingham's bike share program is provided by the same vendor as our bike share!

Do folks get more exercise when new transportation options open up near them? You'd think so, what with more people walking to and from the transit. But a new study suggests good transit can be so convenient that it not only pulls in people who typically drive, but it converts bikers and walkers to riders, too! The folks that were more physically active are now less so, while the people who were kinda sendentary are now out and moving around.


—Ross Catrow