This week in transit: What’s a revenue service hour?


Mark it down on your calendars: The week of September 16th, we're celebrating Virginia's Try Transit Week by hosting our own RVA Transit Week! We've got a weeks' worth of transit-oriented events lined up to celebrate the transit progress the Richmond region has made and to encourage you to get on the bus and ride (if, somehow, you aren't already a regular rider). Check back over the course of this week as we add more destinations, a few more details, and a surprise or two.


Recently, we took a look at new bus ridership numbers from GRTC and saw how making a bus more useful inevitably leads to more ridership. We can also dig a bit further into those ridership numbers and get a sense of which buses are the most productive by looking at ridership by revenue service hour. What’s a revenue service hour and how can it help us figure out which buses are absolutely crushing it and which need more investment? Read the latest post on the RVA Rapid Transit blog to find out.


It’s so incredibly important to follow how other cities across the country succeed and fail at creating a dedicated funding stream for public transportation. At some point—and maybe some point soon—the Richmond region will have to figure out its own dedicated transportation funding stream, and it’s way better for us if we can avoid hold-ups like what’s happening in metro Tampa after they passed a one-cent sales-tax to pay for transit.

—Ross Catrow