RVA Transit Week, June 24–30

Are you ready to ride?

On June 24th, GRTC will launch the Pulse, our region’s first Bus Rapid Transit line. Simultaneously, they’ll debut an entirely redesigned bus network. It’s a huge and exciting change, and one that invites Richmonders from all over the region to get on the bus and ride. 

Astoundingly, for that first week, June 24th through June 30th, all rides on GRTC will be free.

To celebrate the Pulse, the new system, and the opportunity to ride for free, we’re launching RVA Transit Week! Think of it as a Choose Your Own Adventure but for riding the bus. Below you’ll find a list of suggested bus trips—at least one for each day—spread throughout the city using a variety of different routes and the Pulse. Check back as we add more destination suggestions, a few more details, and a surprise or two.

We hope that these options will inspire you to get out and ride the bus—that first week and beyond.

P.S. Want to plan your own trip? Use GRTC's planning tool to find your way around the new system.

Ride to worship

Sunday, June 24th

Join members of the Isaiah Project in riding the bus to wherever you worship. If you’d like help in organizing your congregation or faith group for their own bus adventure, please contact Nelson Reveley (nelson@rvarapidtransit.org).

Ribbon cutting

Monday, June 25th; 10:00 AM

Dignitaries! VIPs! Other folks. Rub shoulders with the who’s who of Central Virginia transportation as we welcome the Pulse into service at the Maggie L. Walker Memorial Plaza.

How to get there: The Pulse, #3, #14, or #78.

Brown-bag lunch at the Observation Deck

Monday, June 25th

Bring your lunch to the City Hall (900 E. Broad Street) and head up the the Observation Deck to hangout, eat, and watch the Pulse go by down below.

How to get there: The Pulse, #1, #2, #5, #7, #8, #12.

Coffee at Front Porch Cafe

Tuesday, June 26th

Grab some coffee on the way to work at Front Porch Cafe (2600 Nine Mile Road)—one of our favorite coffee shops in the City’s East End.

How to get there: #7, #8, #12

Milkshakes at CookOut

Tuesday, June 26th

Hard to beat CookOut’s (4802 W. Broad Street) cheap milkshakes with an overwhelming number of flavor options directly adjacent to a rapid transit station. Contact Ross Catrow (ross@rvarapidtransit.org) for more dairy-related details.

How to get there: The Pulse, #50, #91

Coffee at Brewer’s Cafe

Wednesday, June 27th

Grab some coffee on the way to work at Brewer’s Cafe (1125 Bainbridge Street). Hey, we like coffee, what can we say?

How to get there: #1, #3, #87

Science Museum of Virginia

Wednesday, June 27th

The Science Musuem’s (2500 W. Broad Street) Going Places is an interactive exhibition that explores the technology behind travel. You can travel there to learn more using the Pulse, a variety of bus routes, or bike share.

How to get there: The Pulse, #20, #50, #76, #77

Institute for Contemporary Art

Thursdsay, June 28th

Whether it’s for a coffee in the cafe or some contemplative time at the Declaration exhibit, the ICA (601 W. Broad Street) is easily accessible by bus and free to all.

How to get there: The Pulse, #3, #14, #78

Black History Museum and Cultural Center of Central Virginia

Thursday, June 28th

Visit the Black History Museum (122 W. Leigh Street) and take in their collection of art, artifacts, photographs, and other items that tell a rich story of the accomplishments of African Americans in Virginia.

How to get there: #1, #2

Friday Cheers

Friday, June 29th

Head on down to Brown’s Island for the final Friday Cheers of the season! Catch the Turnpike Troubadours with Charley Crockett. Tickets are just $10.

How to get there: #5, #87

Breweries & Beers by Bus

Saturday, June 30th; 3:00 – 8:30 PM

How many breweries are accessible by the Pulse? Two? Five? Infinity? Try to (safely and responsibly) catch them all with an east-to-west brewer-and-beer-by-bus crawl beginning at the Scott’s Addition station and ending at Rocketts Landing. Join us on the below itinerary which begins at Three Notch’d at 3:00 PM and ends at Stone Brewing at 7:30 PM. RSVP over on Facebook or feel free to chart your own course!

How to get there: The Pulse