Bird's Eye View: Plans for Transit in RVA!

There are a lot of plans, studies, and public meetings going on these days, so for bird's eye clarity's sake, here come the excellent opportunities underway right this red hot second for us to enhance transit, as well as transit-oriented development, for RVA. Hold on to your hats: 

Transit Plans

(1) Richmond Regional Transit Vision Plan, should finish fall 2016 - This is a long-term plan to envision transit development in our region through 2040. This plan should be complete in fall 2016 and has its next round for public input coming up in June (more info on that via link above). This plan also has a highlights reel. party on.   

(2) Richmond Transit Network Plan, should finish January 2017 - This plan is the incredibly unique chance to enhance the GRTC bus network paid for by the City (so this plan is distinct from the "Richmond Regional TransitVision Plan" above). This is also the plan that all star Jarrett Walker + Associates is helping with and that just completed its first round of public meetings, which we were encouraging everyone to attend. Many of you have also checked out the online survey for this RTNP - thank you!

Land Use Plans

(1) Broad and E. Main St Corridor Plan, should finish fall 2016/winter 2017 - This is the land use planning that the GRTC Pulse/BRT will so excellently complement. Amplified economic redevelopment (jobs, culture, restaurants, housing, etc.) along the corridor here we come. For the Greater Fulton community, there is also a Ladders of Opportunity Transportation Empowerment Pilot Initiative (from U.S. Department of Transportation) going on as well, which will tie in very nicely with Richmond TransitNetwork Plan above too. 

(2) Northern Jefferson Davis Corridor Plan, should have draft ready for public view in fall 2016 - This is a special area plan being undertaken by Chesterfield County (yeah Chesterfield!). One key goal for us is to be sure transit along Jeff Davis is included in the plan. We'll be working to express this need and organize this call over the summer and fall, so if you'd like to learn more on that front or help with it, just shout out to