Regional Picture Coming into Focus

Regional Picture Coming into Focus

We've been talking a lot recently about the excellent Richmond Transit Network Plan, with which Jarrett Walker + Associates is helping us enhance the City's local bus network. Today though, we re-highlight the Richmond Regional Transit Vision Plan, which has been progressing diligently all the while and is now reaching its final stage - three cheers! 

The time has come to check out what a regional system could look like for Metro Richmond, so please be sure to join in one of the following public meetings and provide your feedback on the draft. [Note: it's open house, so don't have to come for two hours (unless really excited), but as you're able]

June 7 (6-8 pm) – Monument Heights Baptist Church (5716 Monument Ave)  

June 9 (6-8 pm) – Central Montessori School (323 N 20th St) 

June 13 (6-8 pm) –Bensley Elementary School (6600 Strathmore Road)

And for a fantastic snapshot of our region historically and its inter-jurisdictional dynamics - large reason why there is both such need and promise for regional transit - check out John Moeser's "How we got here and why it matters."