This week in transit: The Pulse is here!


It’s here! After years and years of hard work, meetings, planning, and advocacy the GRTC Pulse and entirely redesigned bus system are up and running. Today! Right now! Maybe you’re even reading this email on the Pulse or one of the new routes right now?

If not, here are a couple of things to get you started:

  • First, check out the new system map (PDF) to get a lay of the land.
  • You can plan your specific trip in a variety of ways, including Google Maps, Apple Maps, or GRTC’s newly refreshed app (available on the App Store of your choosing). Or even download PDFs of the paper schedules if you’re feeling old school.
  • Remember that most of the routes and some of the stops have changed. If you’re used to catching a certain bus at a certain stop at a certain time, make sure you check on the new state of affairs first.
  • For this week, June 24–30, all GRTC buses—including the Pulse—are free! After this week, you can pay in a variety of ways, but the one I’m most excited about is the new Mobile Pass app (also available in the App Store of your choosing). Using this app you can purchase a 1-day, 7-day, or 30-day pass.
  • If you’re looking for ways to explore the system this week, check out our RVA Transit Week suggestions. We’ve got a bunch of suggested destinations in different parts of town using different bus lines. Get out there and explore!


In today’s news it’s all Pulse, all the time! See what local media has to say:

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—Ross Catrow