This week in transit: Chesterfield considering public transportation on Route 1


Our friends over at the faith-based Isaiah Project had a good turnout at the Henrico Board of Supervisors meeting the other week. They were there to give public comment and show public support for the recent expansions in the County’s bus service.

Next up on the Isaiah Project’s calendar: A trip to the Chesterfield Board of Supervisors on Wednesday, October 24th from 6:00–8:00 PM at 10001 Iron Bridge Road. While the logistics will match the trip to Henrico (a handful of speakers, a roomful of supporters all wearing green), I imagine the message will shift from celebrating new public transportation to demanding that the County take the first steps towards connecting Chesterfield into the region’s existing public transportation network.

You can RSVP to the Isaiah Project event on their Eventbrite.


Speaking of Chesterfield, the County has finally received the report that they requested from the Department of Rail and Public Transportation about transportation options for the Route 1 corridor. The report recommends two different paths forward:

  1. Extend GRTC into the County from the City limits to John Tyler Community College (👍).
  2. Bring in a company that provides reservation-based service on 14-passenger vans. (👎).

I wrote some more on the specifics of the two options over on the RVA Rapid Transit blog, and Jim McConnell at the Chesterfield Observer has some of the thoughts and feelings from Chesterfield’s Board. You can read the study for yourself (PDF) or watch video of the presentation to the County’s Board of Supervisors (skip forward about 22 minutes).

Unrelated, GRTC has slightly simplified and updated the way you can track your bus by text. Just text “GRTC” and your stop number to 22827 and you’ll get back the next couple of buses headed to your stop and the estimated arrival times. Stop numbers are clearly printed on bus stop signs.


How much would it cost to install a bus shelter at every bus stop in America? Angie Schmitt at Streets Blog has an estimate!

—Ross Catrow