This week in transit!


Are you looking for a bus-relate volunteer opportunity? On Thursday, November 29th and Friday, November 30th, you can lend a hand to help GRTC dismantle and recycle outdated or damaged signs, benches, or other parts. I love this list of benefits to the volunteer: “Work outside! Breathe in the fresh fall air! Get a workout moving a big pile of old signs!” I’m not going to lie, this sounds super compelling. You can sign up now to help move that big pile of old signs though HandsOn RVA.


Today is Veterans Day, and to thank area Veterans, GRTC will offer free rides on any GRTC route with proof of military service. Buses will also display “Thank you, Veterans!” on their digital signage.


Millions of people voted for all sorts of things this past Tuesday, and the Transport Politic has a transit-oriented look at some of the major candidates and referenda. Of note regionally, Arlington County passed a bond to fund their commitment to Metro as well as some bicycle and pedestrian improvements. In fact, most localities across the country that had any sort of transit funding on the ballot ended up passing them.

Cincinnati joins the ranks of cities piloting quick-and-easy bus-only lanes. Pilots are an excellent (and cheap) way to test out new infrastructure to prioritize buses, and there are a few spots in town where I’d love to see buses given a shot at their own lanes. Chamberlayne Avenue, 14th Street, Hull Street, and Main Street (both ends) are all areas where clever planners and engineers could probably work some pilot magic.

—Ross Catrow