Shaping Our Transit Future

A few exciting updates:

Richmond Transit Network Plan is here! - The first set of meetings for this incredibly unique chance to enhance our current bus system are here. 

Through interaction with the project team, these meetings afford an opportunity to: (1) see how transit performs in Richmond compared to other regions; (2) learn tradeoffs between different transit goals and their affect on a bus network's design; and (3) provide critical feedback on whichtransit goals you think are most important for Richmond.    

There are three distinct nights to join (6-8 pm April 19 & 20 and May 3) and one midday meeting (12-2 pm May 4), and info on the location for each is available at

Please be sure to carve out time to make it to one of these. This is not a plan for the shelf but geared for implementation, so broad-based public insight and perspective are key!