Meet the mayor-elect's tranportation policy

With the results of this week's election finalized, we now know that Levar Stoney will be Richmond's next mayor. How will the new mayor and his agenda impact this city's progress towards a truly useful and regional transit system? Lucky for us, he's got a comprehensive transit plan right on his website for us to read while we wait for him to take office!

Here are his five points for transforming RVA's transportation:

  1. Make GRTC Pulse BRT as efficient and reliable as possible.
  2. Work with GRTC to implement the recommendations of the Richmond Transit Network Plan.
  3. Lay foundations for a comprehensive regional transportation network.
  4. Build a high speed rail connection.
  5. Make RVA increasingly bike friendly.

Bikes, buses (plus, he mentions the RTNP by name!), and high-speed rail—this plan's got it all! As Mayor-elect Stoney says:

But comprehensive regional transportation is not just about quality of life: it is a moral imperative for our city and region.

Yes! Read the plan in full on his website.