Route 1 needs fixed-route GRTC service now

Rich Griset at the Chesterfield Observer has done some really excellent work on what the lack of public transportation means to folks living on Route 1. Recently a group, including Griset, took the 1.5 mile walk from the Bellwood Maisonettes apartments to the Food Lion:

The group walks cautiously from the median across three lanes of traffic, reaching the grassy divider for the Chippenham Parkway off ramp. From there, a beaten path snakes its way through a pulled back chain-link fence to the Food Lion.

Leading the way for most of the journey is 76-year-old Gloria Randolph. Well-dressed and wearing heels, Randolph says she’s praying for the corridor, and becomes emotional at times when discussing it. Bus service connecting the corridor to area schools like John Tyler Community College, Virginia State University and Virginia Commonwealth University would be transformative for the area, she says.

“We want our children to see better, to know better, to do better. We want them to stand on our shoulders, and we want them to know that we care,” Randolph says. “We want them to know that my generation cares about their generation.”

If that doesn't give you an idea of the desperate reality of the situation, check out the video from the 1.5-mile walk.

If you'd like to get involved in bringing fixed-route GRTC service to Route 1 in Chesterfield County, please let me know.