Get inspired by Jarrett Walker!

Exciting news, y'all! Jarrett Walker—yes, the Jarrett Walker, internationally-recognized transit genius and author of Human Transit—will be in town to inspire us all about the possibilities for modern transit in the Richmond region. Join us on October 18th from 6:00–8:00 PM at St. Paul's Episcopal Church (815 E. Grace Street). Space is limited so you'll want to RSVP right here.

Walker and his team are responsible for putting together the Richmond Transit Network Plan, and their final recommendation is due out shortly.

Take action

Speaking of! Now is an excellent time to voice your support for the work Jarrett Walker + Associates are doing with the Richmond Transit Network Plan. Click here to send an email to your councilperson letting them know you support the Richmond Transit Network Plan and the possibility of more frequent and convenient bus service in Richmond. It'll take all of two literal minutes.

Around the region

Last week's Mayorathon was such an excellent time, and if—for some reason—you couldn't make it, you can watch the entire thing on YouTube. Lots and lots of transit-type things were discussed, so it's definitely worth watching. As candidate Jon Baliles said, "Bus is not a four letter word!"

Last week I had the opportunity to write a quick article for WTVR about the awesome transit stuff headed our way. All of these pieces we've got floating around are going to start coming together and before we know it we'll have beginnings of a real, regional transit system. These are just the first steps!


What do you do if your locality wants transit but your governor refuses to fund it? In Milwaukee, they're thinking about a $60 annual fee for people who own vehicles to help pay for their transit system. The county is looking into ways to help mitigate the fee for lower-income folks.

—Ross Catrow

Photo by: thisisbossi