Isaiah Project Speaks

The Isaiah Project organizes encouraging, broad-based showings of support for expanded public transportation during public comment period at Board of Supervisors meetings in Henrico and in Chesterfield. We go out four times a year, twice to Henrico and twice to Chesterfield. These outings are called "Isaiah Project Speaks." While communities of faith in each locality lead the way, we invite broad regional solidarity and participation.

At each meeting, we will have a few speakers during the Public Comment Period. All you have to do is show up, look encouraging, and rise together when one of our speakers invites supporters to stand. As you’re able, please wear something green (RVA Rapid Transit also has green "Ready to Ride!" t-shirts you can purchase at cost for $6 - simply contact info@rvarapidtransit). We will also have an opportunity to pray ahead of the meeting. 

So that we can get a sense of numbers, please rsvp here for Isaiah Project Speaks in Henrico on Sept 25 and here for Isaiah Project Speaks in Chesterfield on Oct 24. We are hoping to have at least 40 people of faith out at each of these meetings this fall. Your participation makes the difference!

Isaiah Project Speaks in Henrico

Henrico Board of Supervisors Meetings, 7 p.m. Tues, Sept 25

4301 East Parham Road, 23228 (Henrico Government Center Administration Building)

Isaiah Project Speaks in Chesterfield

Chesterfield Board of Supervisors Meetings, 6 p.m. Wed, Oct 24

10001 Iron Bridge Road, 23832 (Chesterfield County Public Meeting Room)

For more details or to sign up to join in a Board of Supervisor meeting, please contact or see