GRTC welcomes Julie Timm as their new CEO

Yesterday—in big, big transit news—GRTC announced that they’ve hired Julie Timm as their new CEO. Timm, who served as the Director of Development for Nashville’s transit agency, fills a leadership role that had been vacant for about a year. She’s a Hampton Roads native and previously worked for Hampton Road Transit.

From the GRTC press release:

I am so excited to be coming home to Virginia and honored for the opportunity to serve the Greater Richmond community. Mobility is an indispensable requirement for how we define our communities and how we connect to housing, jobs, education, healthcare, food and recreation. More importantly, it is an essential element to how we connect to each other. This time of growth and transformation for Greater Richmond opens a valuable window for us to clearly define how we will advance those mobility connections for the prosperity of all the residents of our region.”

Timm will officially take the helm (Is their a bus version of a helm? Step into the operator’s seat?) next month.