GRTC Public Meeting in Review

The latest map of the Broad Street BRT from GRTC.

The latest map of the Broad Street BRT from GRTC.

On Monday, GRTC hosted the first of two identical meetings to update the public on the progress being made on the Broad Street BRT project. Since it's not always easy to make every meeting, we got a quick update from David Green, GRTC's CEO, on the project status, updates since the last public meetings, and what to expect next.  Listen here:

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Some of the key points from Monday and Tuesday:

  • The initial feedback from the community about parking was taken into consideration. The initial plan called for the loss of 708 parking spaces, and alternatives presented in the update meeting indicate that there has been a 60% reduction in the number of spaces to be removed on Broad Street.
  • A study is currently underway that will determine the best way for the existing fixed-route bus service to interface with the BRT.
  • Henrico County is open to extending the service to Short Pump, however they are not committing to anything at the moment. It seems as if they are taking a wait-and-see approach toward the existing plan.
  • GRTC is working with Richmond City and VCU as they consider how to implement the BRT in a way that meets pedestrian and cyclist needs. They are still gathering feedback from the community and technical advisors, and North-South access across Broad Street is still being refined.
  • The next round of meetings will be held in July.