Good things afoot in Henrico County


Good things are afoot in Henrico County, friends. With our region's first BRT on its way—along with the City's redesign of its bus network—Henrico County is taking a close look at its public transit, too. You can see a brief, initial overview here from the Henrico Citizen: "County streamlining, expanding some GRTC routes in Henrico," but, as so often is the case, the really good stuff sits unassumingly nestled away in a warm PDF.

So behold! Minutes from the Henrico Board of Supervisors special meeting on July 11, 2017 (note: although this sounds special, it's just a routine kind of meeting for the Board. You can spend your days enjoying them all). Click the minutes above and scroll to the bottom of page two through page three. There you'll find the section entitled, "GRTC Transit Development Plan," and you'll see supervisors from across the county raising issues like the need for weekend service, a jobs bus to Innsbrook, and BRT extensions east and west. You'll see staff discussing things like service up Route 1/Brook Road to Parham, streamlined service on Broad Street and Staples Mill, and improved access to the airport and other jobs in eastern Henrico.

There, of course, remains a lot of work to bring these possibilities to fruition, and your participation will be crucial in helping transform them into real live transit lines. If you would like to join our Henrico Team, or simply learn more about ways you can get involved, please contact Nelson Reveley ( We’ll also keep you informed as opportunities for public input arise on these fronts. Exciting times.


Meanwhile, along Route 1 in Chesterfield, efforts continue apace for public transportation as well. The Richmond Times-Dispatch has provided a sharp look what many people along Jeff Davis are wrestling with day in and day out: "Special Report: Poverty And Housing Insecurity Along Jefferson Davis Highway." As we know, poverty is no longer just or even predominately a City issue; it is a full-blown regional issue. As of 2015, 53% of those living in poverty reside in the counties (primarily in Henrico and Chesterfield). Further complicating people's lives, 48% of region's lower-cost housing and 55% of the region's modest-wage entry-level jobs lie more than a quarter-mile from public transportation.

Transit offers crucial ladders out of poverty, connecting people to work, job training, nutritious food, health care, school, family and friends, economic development. If you want to help press forward this enhanced access in Chesterfield, please contact Ross Catrow ( to join or learn more about our Chesterfield Team (and see above again for the Henrico Team).

Peace and Gratitude, everyone!

—Nelson Reveley (Ross Catrow, RVA Rapid Transit organizer extraordinaire, is on very well-deserved rest this week)