County Board of Supervisor public transportation candidate questionnaires

A while back, we sent out a public transportation questionnaire to candidates for both Chesterfield and Henrico Board of Supervisors. We wanted to know how each candidate planned to deal with the unique transportation issues facing their particular county.

In Chesterfield, we were concerned about the ability for folks to age in place; how the County can encourage productive development along its major corridors; where Chesterfield should look to expand public transportation next; and if the candidates supported a dedicated, regional transit funding stream.

In Henrico, we wanted to hear more about pedestrian access to transit; the next place to expand the County’s growing portion of the regional bus network; the candidates’ vision for transit-oriented development; and, again, if they supported a dedicated, regional transit funding stream.

You can read the full responses here:

Also! If you are a candidate in either one of these races and do not see your responses, please contact Also, also! If you are resident of Henrico or Chesterfield and don’t see your candidates’ responses, maybe shoot them an email and let them know that public transportation is a priority.