ChamberRVA survey shows broad support for regional public transit

Late last week, ChamberRVA released a survey (PDF) assessing "likely voters' attitudes regarding key community and business issues and policies." They surveyed 1,850 respondents, with at least 200 in each council district. As you would expect, a big chunk of the survey questions dealt with public transportation.

Here are the key transit-related takeaways:

  • Of those surveyed, 73% said "improving public transportation, including regional service to jobs in nearby counties and cities" was important or very important.
  • When asked specifically about regional cooperation, 79% said they'd like to see the city and surrounding counties work together on a transportation system.
  • 73% of all respondents (76% of millennial respondents) believe that adding more public transportation would "attract more millennials or young professionals" to Richmond.

It's exciting to see such broad support in Richmond for a regional transit system. Even more exciting, if you pair this survey with the promising results from Blueprint Chesterfield, we're starting to see quantitative, wide-spread support for transit across the region.