Latest Updates to the Broad Street BRT Plan

Broad Street Study

The GRTC and the DRPT held an open meeting recently to present an update on the Broad Street BRT project. The crowd was between 150 and 200 by our rough estimate, and many of those in attendance were RVA Rapid Transit supporters. Most of the presentation was a review of the proposed plan to build a BRT line between Willow Lawn and Rocketts Landing. As far as the system goes, there were no material updates to the previously proposed build.

What has changed slightly is the Federal Transit Administration application process. Since the last presentation of the Broad Street BRT plan, the FTA has updated its process to require additional analysis. DRPT estimates that this will take an additional month or two; however, the process is now more streamlined with only one point of review by the FTA instead of two. This should streamline the approval of the Broad Street corridor BRT in the long run.

Organizers of the event were pleased with both the size and the positive energy from the audience. Larry Hagin, GRTC's Director of Planning, expressed that he was encouraged and excited by those in attendance. He reiterated that this is just the first step to building a larger system.

Officials from Henrico County, including County Manager John Vithoulkas, Director of Public Works Steve Yob, and Transportation Development Division Director E. Todd Eure were in attendance, and voiced support for cooperation among the Metro Richmond jurisdictions.

Public sentiment at the meeting was supportive of the Broad Street BRT. There were no voices dissenting, and the audience's primary question was, "How do we expand this to a regional system?"

It is our hope that the supporters of RVA Rapid Transit and Metro Richmonders at large can continue to ask these questions of our elected and appointed officials.