#AskNicholas: Parking???

Question: What will this do to parking on Broad?

Nicholas: To answer this question, GRTC commissioned an incredibly detailed parking study (PDF). 315 parking spaces on Broad, between Thompson and 14th Street, will be removed to create the bus lanes. Before the removal, there were 5,000 on-street parking spaces on or within one block of Broad, as well as 6,500 off-street spaces. Over 97% of spaces will be retained. Further, those spaces are often not used even close to capacity. Certainly there are some cases where at some time of day a block may have no available parking spaces, but that is true today and won't change much. Most of the time, people will still be able to find a spot within a block fairly quickly. And even then, if we ask bus riders to walk a few blocks to get where they're going, it seems fair to ask people driving to do the same.