#AskNicholas: Easy fare payment

Question: Do you see a payment system like Uber for buses?

Nicholas: A payment system like Uber for buses (and trains) sort of exists! In some transit systems, you can download an app and purchase your pass with a credit card as the bus arrives, then show your device to the driver or an inspector if drivers don't check fares. Milwaukee has this for buses (show the driver) and Germany has it for trains (an inspector may come by).

GRTC is testing mobile payments on its buses, which it hopes to debut to the public soon, and it will soon have tap cards, like in DC and elsewhere. Eventually, GRTC may allow you to link your tap card to your credit card so it automatically renews a monthly/weekly pass or a fixed amount (e.g. $10-$20) when you run out. And since there's no surge pricing and fares are fixed (not based on distance), you'll know exactly how much you're paying without ever having to worry about if you have enough money in your account. How easy is that?