Get involved

We are a grassroots organization, and our strength is in numbers. Here are key ways you can join the movement:

  1. Join our email list! This is the best way to stay up to date with the region's latest transit news and to learn about opportunities to help.
  2. Sign either the Civic Statement of Support or the Clergy Statement of Support.
  3. Contact our public servants!
  4. Ride the bus and invite others to join you. If you're a first time rider, GRTC has a very helpful guide.

See below for other ways we're working together to make regional rapid transit a reality by calling on pubic servants, deepening our understanding, and growing the movement.

Calling upon public servants together

Contact public servants: Reach out to your public servants (City Council, Boards of Supervisors) to express strong support for regional public transportation. Specifically reach out to the elected officials from your district. You can sign up in particular to make public comment during their meetings here, and we can help with handouts on key points.

Attend public meetings: Attend Board of Supervisor, City Council, and transit planning meetings. For more information about these join the email list and check out our events page


Deepening understanding together

Learn about current studies and plans: Look through our info section for details on the need and the promise of a metro-wide transit system. 

Read good books: Check out books like Jarrett Walker’s Human Transit: How Clearer Thinking about Public Transit Can Enrich Our Communities and Our Lives. Share them with your friends!

Host discussions: Gather a group of friends or colleagues and engage in a group discussion around the articles, videos, or books listed in the info section

Meet with faith communities: Gather together for bible studies around the issues of justice and reconciliation. Invite people from your own congregation or members from a congregation that crosses a traditional line of division (jurisdiction, race, denomination, religion, etc.). Join in regular prayer for regional reconciliation, a deepening of understanding, growth of the movement, and public servants to bring about a metro-wide public transportation system. 


Growing the movement together

Tell your friends: Share this website with others you think would be interested and personally ask them to join the email list for updates. 

Host a presentation: If you're a part of a residents' association, civic organization, congregation, business, or institution, help invite us to give a presentation to your team about the need and promise of metro-wide transit. Send us an email at for more info.  

Sign a statement of support: Sign on to the Civic Statement of Support, and invite Clergy to sign onto the Clergy Statement of Support.

Go door-to-door: Join some of the outreach efforts across the region. For more information, contact us at

Ride the Bus: If you don’t already, start riding the bus—and invite others to join you. If you're a first time rider, GRTC has a very helpful intro.