The 64x

The 64x Stony Point Express bus is an peak-only express bus that serves the far western parts of the City, Bon Air, Old Gun Road, and Huguenot Road. As Chesterfield County has eliminated other bus routes, many Chesterfield residents use the 64x to get to jobs downtown.

Currently, the route offers seven trips in the morning and seven trips in the evening. But, as part of the Richmond Transit Network Plan, Richmond City will reduce the number of trips serving the 64x. Since many Chesterfield residents Chesterfield residents, and as such, we are asking Chesterfield County to pay their fair share and return the 64x to seven trips in the morning and evening.

Please ask your Supervisor to help return the 64x to its current frequency of seven trips each weekday morning and evening and continue to allow Chesterfield residents to commute to and from their jobs.