In 2018, Richmond will launch the Pulse—the region’s first bus rapid transit line—while also implementing the first major bus route redesign in decades. This huge change is an improvement for most folks riding GRTC today and is an excellent reason for new riders to get on the bus.


  • Ongoing: Encourage people to ride the Pulse and the rest of newly update bus network.

  • Create a Richmond Department of Transportation.

  • Improve bus service on the Southside.

  • Extend the westbound Pulse lane to 3rd Street.

  • Extend frequent service on the #1, #2, #3, and #5 routes until 10:00 PM.

Richmond transit wins

  • 2018: Funding for unlimited bus passes for all RPS high school students at no cost to the students was included in the FY2019 budget.

  • 2018: The Pulse will function as the region’s transportation spine, providing fast and frequent access to the rest of the transportation system.

  • 2018: Concurrent with the launch of the Pulse, GRTC and the City will also debut an entire redesign of the bus network focused on four frequent bus routes.

  • 2017: Richmond City Council unanimously passed RES. 2016-R092 (PDF), giving their approval to the Richmond Transit Network Plan—the first major redesign of RIchmond’s bus routes in decades. The City worked with internationally-acclaimed transit expert Jarrett Walker on this redesign.

  • 2016: Richmond City Council passed ORD. 2015-263 (PDF), which officially kicked off planning of Richmond’s first Bus Rapid Transit line.