Over a million people live, work, learn, and play in metro Richmond. While our headcount makes us the 44th largest metro area in the United States, our public transportation system ranks 92nd of the top 100 metros (PDF). 

Formed as a nonprofit in 2016, RVA Rapid Transit is a grassroots organization made up of Greater Richmond residents like you. We see the need and benefits of having a regional transit system and are dedicated to sharing a common vision, organizing advocacy, and providing community input into public transit projects to fully seize this opportunity for our region.

Map highlighting major transit corridors in the regionally approved Greater RVA Transit Vision Plan (PDF)

Our Mission

RVA Rapid Transit's mission is to educate, organize, and advocate for a first-class public transit system across metro Richmond. 

Our Vision

Our vision is frequent, far-reaching public transit that enables people throughout our region to lead healthier, more productive, and more inter-connected lives.

For additional information on RVA Rapid Transit, please see our GiveRichmond profile page

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