Starting with their approval of the Pulse in 2016, Henrico has steadily increased their commitment to public transportation over the last several years.


  • Ongoing: Encourage people to ride the Pulse and the rest of newly update bus network.

  • Increase the frequency of the #91 to 30-minutes.

  • Extend the #3 route to Richmond International Raceway / Laburnum

  • Extend the #1 to St. Joseph’s Villa

Henrico transit wins

  • 2018: Reduce the fare of the #19 bus (currently $2.00) to $1.50 which allows for seamless transfers and a more legible regional system.

  • 2018: University of Richmond launches a new Willow Lawn Xpress service, taking faculty, staff, and students from campus to the Willow Lawn Pulse Station every 30 minutes, Monday through Friday, from 10:00 AM to 10:00 PM.

  • 2018: Henrico approved an additional $1.2 million dollars dedicated to new bus service as part of their FY19-20 budget. These new funds will support 30-minute frequency on three routes (#7, #19, #91), extended nights and weekend service, and an extension of the current #19 to Short Pump.

  • 2017: To match with Richmond’s system redesign, Henrico tweaked their routes to provide more frequent service on Broad Street and a new route to the airport.

  • 2016: The Henrico Board of Supervisors passed a resolution approving their portion of the Pulse (PDF), the region’s first Bus Rapid Transit line, and demonstrating a new commitment to public transportation.


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