Corridors for the Kingdom: Exploring Transit as People of Faith

Metro Richmond Clergy for Rapid Transit have created a four-session small group study to create awareness around the issue of public transportation in metropolitan Richmond.  It is designed for congregations to use, alone, or in congregational pairs. Drawing on scripture and info on transportation in Richmond, the study helps participants discover why public transportation is an issue people of faith should be concerned about and seeks to move them to a place where they might take action as a way of seeking God's Kingdom here in metropolitan Richmond.

For each session there is a two-page participant handout and a two-page facilitator's guide. There's also a Fact & Figures handout that is referenced throughout the sessions. We suggest the participant handout be distributed prior to each session to all participants if possible. You are welcome to freely distribute the participant materials via electronic means, including posting it on your own website. 

We recommend a full hour for each session, though it has been effectively used with shorter 45-minute sessions.

Download the study

Participant and instructor materials:


Participant materials only: