Blueprint Chesterfield

Chesterfield County recently released the results of their Blueprint Chesterfield survey and made the full spreadsheet of responses available. 

When asked about the results, Assistant Budget Director Matt Harris said:

“Public safety and education have been the county’s hallmark for some time. The third area was transportation with a particular emphasis on roads, such as maintenance and providing infrastructure,” Harris said.

However, if you look through the data, you'll see that respondents mention public transportation, sidewalks, and bike infrastructure 27% more than they do things like road widening and maintenance. Some form of public transportation, biking, and walking are mentioned 684 times across the survey. Maintaining and improving roads is mentioned 538 times. If anything, the county's transportation concerns are focused on expanding access through alternatives to roads with a particular emphasis on buses, bike lanes, and sidewalks.

Further, respondents were asked to rank the importance of 10 county services—transportation was not listed. An eleventh column asked "What other county service is important to you?" and over 200 people explicitly listed transportation. A few of those spoke of transportation for seniors or transportation after school, but the great majority were explicit about public transportation.

Chesterfieldians are thinking about helping seniors get around, relieving congestion, and creating meaningful bus service in the county through regional cooperation. We should be excited about this clear-stated desire of residents for public transportation, more sidewalks, access for seniors and lower income people, transportation for teenagers, and more bike lanes, paths, and parks.

Connecting Chesterfield to the rest of the region through rapid transit along its major corridors will be a huge part of the impending Richmond Regional Transit Vision Plan. And through these responses, although not explicitly stated, you can see there's already a desire in Chesterfield for this very thing!